Saturday, 30 May 2009

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

Peter Biskind discussing film critic Pauline Kael's reaction to the beginning of the end of New Hollywood, brought on with the invention of the Blockbuster (Spielberg's Jaws) in his book Easy Riders, Raging Bulls.

Ironically, the very success of the New Hollywood, rather than rendering the studio system obsolite, as Hopper and Penn had imagined, had merely reinvigorated it. She wrote "these men were shaken for a few years; they didn't understand what made a film a counterculture hit. They're happy to be back on firm ground...." Voicing the utopianism of an earlier decade that still echoed faintly through the self-satisfaction of the mid-'70s, and no doubt thinking about Scorcese and Altman, she warned, Cassandra-like, of the death of moves.