Monday, 22 June 2009

Next years film; feature film influences

Taxi Driver - Isolation, paranoia, self imposed loneliness and a hostile environment lead a fascinating yet unlikable character to an inevitable conclusion. [story, character]

Death of a Salesman - Delusion of the character is carried through in the form of the text, we are taken with him in delineated time, space and reality. [form, story]

- Broken memory and post-human isolation combine with single minded revenge create a character willing to loose himself to the cycle of death rather than confront his own misdeeds. [story, form, character]

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Dream sequences which use poetic connections to move through time, space and reality. [form]

The Matrix - Visual Effects used as an integral element of the story and its underlying concepts, computer generated realities. [form, story]

Evangelion - Investigating the nature of our human separation from each other and the fundamental loneliness that brings. Exploring the dangers and possibilities that would arise if we were able to bridge the gap between one anothers minds and be one. [story]

Friday, 19 June 2009

Next years film starts here.

After much thinking about what I want to make next year I have settled on making a short scifi set on a William Gibson influenced earth. I have been toying with writing about electronically altered states and artificial experiences and this quote from Andrei Tarkovskys book Sculpting in Time really seems to be a seed of truth that could help keep me focused;

"Let us imagine for a moment that people have attained happines - a state of complete human freedom of will in the wildest sense: at that very instant personality is distroyed. Man becomes as solitary as Beelzebub. The connection between social beings is cut like the umbilical cord of a new-born infant. And consequently, society is destroyed'

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

PFTrack Walkthrough

Manjesh & Joseph.
Hi guys. I tried rendering a version with just the tracking markers and pftrack seemed to deal with it ok. For all our shots I think we need to use free motion for the camera type. I kept the bounding box away from the edges because i didn't want it to get confused by the cutoff edges introduced when I did the stabilizing. I then tracked the shot. Then I removed any points that were tracking cut off markers (where Deniz passed them) by lasooing and deleting. I then brought down the tracking threshold in the Clean Auto-Feature Tracks dialogue box. The grid seems to stick ok although with this test it did seem a bit juddery and the point cloud looks way too dispersed. I'll supply the trackable image sequences like this from now on. Hope that helps!