Friday, 26 February 2010

Post about post (and fatigue)

I've not posted in a while as I've been absolutely consumed prepping, shooting and now doing post on my graduation short 'Meta'. The film is a kind of grim take on 'Romeo and Juliet' meets the 'Matrix' ...on crack!

The pre-prodution process can be traced on our Tumblr site;

The shoot was done in two blocks, one over three days at six different locations and another over four days at a single location. It went very well, professional and fun despite the bitter bitter cold. I couldn't have hoped for a better crew and cast to work so hard for no pay!

The edit was locked by the second week of Feb and I am now up to my neck in the 60 VFX shots which have to be completed by the mid April. Before the degree show in May the sound design, music, VFX, colour grade, encoding and bluray burning all need to be completed for 'Meta' and 'Feet for Hands'. That's on top of getting a web site up and running, applying to the NFTS... maybe I won't be posting much more frequently after all!