Thursday, 25 November 2010

Post production on Scott Davidson's music video

This week I finished post production on fellow masters student Scott Davidson's music video. Scott is a director with a background in documentary and drama and has recently been in talks with a local band to produce a budgeted music video for them. In the interim he directed a no budget promo video on which Ian Forbes was cinematographer and I was editor and colourist. The piece is a documentary realist slice of life in Dundee, something which Scott is in a unique position to capture as he seems to know everybody in this town!

Unfortunately I can't post the video as it has not been released yet but Scott has kindly allowed me to post some before and after screen grabs of my colouring work. I went for a reasonably naturalistic look in keeping with the language of the piece, balancing the colours and adding a little filmic contrast. The video is set over the course of a morning so we paid close attention to the colour palate of specific times of the day, the early morning material has a slightly bluish hue in the shade while allowing direct sunlight to appear golden, the later shots are more balanced, pushing toward a warmer palate as the morning progresses. The last film I which graded 'Meta', was more stylistic, with many scenes featuring teal darks and orangy lights to give a complementary colour contrast. It was an interesting change to go for a clean, natural look in this piece.

A before and after in Apple Color. The scopes show a blue bias to indicate the early morning shade.