Monday, 31 January 2011

Red Camera Workflow at the VERL

Last week I gave a short presentation on behalf of the Visual Effects Research Lab to our North Sea Screen partners from Denmark and Norway.  As well as offering visual effects we wanted to make clear that we could offer a comprehensive digital post production workflow.  This particular Red Camera workflow was designed for artist / photographer Wendy McMurdo, allowing her the ability to request changes and see them made quickly during any part of the production process.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

HDRI light probe environment light test in Nuke

LDR still at eV 0
I shot an oversized christmas bauble from each side of my room using Magic Lantern on my 550d to bracket the exposures at -5, -2.5, 0, +2.5 and +5eV. The large exposure steps did introduce some banding when converted to HDRI.  Also, taking the stills with no tripod and not measuring distances resulted in shallow focus and the need to adjust the input rotation in the spherical transform when matching one lightprobe angle to the other in Nuke.  I also realise now that if I took the second set of exposures at a 90° angle form the first rather than 180° then I could have removed myself from the final image.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Field of View Calculator

This is the best online field of view calculator I have come across yet.  It is simple, gives you all the info you need and has all the sensor sizes you are likely to need.
Field of View Comparator from AbelCineTech