Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Stately Suicide - Wrapped

Last week we wrapped principal photography on a short film I am directing called A Stately Suicide.  It was my most enjoyable directing experience so far and I was so grateful to be working with such a talented cast and crew.  The cast are;

Melody Grove as Hannah
Kern Falconer as Spencer
Ryan Fletcher as Tony 

The screenplay was written by Andy Smith, and developed by Andy, Ian Forbes and myself.  Stately was written as a dark comedy and I had always intended to keep the performances naturalistic, however I wasn't prepared for the heart-breaking performances that Melody and Kern brought to the piece.  This caused us to readdress the tone of some of the scenes, reducing some of the more farcical elements.  I hope that this will result in a steady raising of tensions, misleading the audience towards the outrageous climax.
Stately is the second short I have directed along side producer John Fairfield and director of photography Ian Forbes, in between times we have continued to work together, developing as a team.  Ian's work on this film has been spectacular and John brought so much to the production both creatively and practically, bringing the whole production in at under £750!

A critical reflection on the filming of Stately written for my MSc course.
Pre-production reference images.
March recce.
Camera blocking plans.
Call sheet.

Kern Falconer as Spencer
Melody Grove as Hannah