Monday, 7 May 2012

DELTA HEAVY - 'Get By' (official video)

DELTA HEAVY - 'Get By' (official video) from Ian Robertson on Vimeo.

I recently did the visual effects and finishing for hyper talented director/animator Ian Robertson's new music video.

Ian shot high resolution jpeg stills on DSLR using Dragonframe stop motion animation software and created the edit in Final Cut with proxy video before conforming to the original image sequences.  I then imported a Final Cut XML of the project into Premiere Pro CS5.5 and nested each shot for colour grading.  For the pan and scan and visual effects I used the dynamic link to send shots to After Effects.  Most of the animation was done in twos (doubling frames in a 24fps sequence to give the appearance of 12fps) so hold key frames were used at two frame intervals so as not to introduce smoother motion than was native to the animation.  Needless to say, motion blur was SWITCHED OFF!