Saturday, 17 October 2015

Generate VFX Directory from Command Prompt

Since using Linux systems at my day job I've seen how much project management is done with code rather than the old manual click, click click. Frustrated with my inability to set up shots so quickly on my Windows machine I decided to write a tiny .bat script to automate the creation of a shot directory with custom named folders within.

Download makeshot.bat

The script is either launched by clicking on the .bat file or called from Windows Command Prompt after being placed in the root directory. All it does is ask for the drive your project is on, the project name and the shot name. It then generates a directory for the project if it doesn't already exist and a directory for the shot with custom directories within.

I haven't made an option for multiple shots to be generated at one so if anyone wants to add the code for that please link it to me in the comments.